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Volume 73,
Issue 4
Summer 2020
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When Is an Editorial Not an Editorial? The COVID-19 (Quarantine, Era I) Edition
B. Ruby Rich
A Grand Panorama: Isaac Julien, Frederick Douglass, and Lessons of the Hour
Kass Banning, Warren Crichlow
Weak Memories: Archives of Futurability
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Horror and Death: Rethinking Coco' s Border Politics
Orquidea Morales
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Film Quarterly has published substantial, peer-reviewed writing on cinema and media for nearly sixty years, earning a reputation as one of the most authoritative academic film journals in the United States, as well as an important English-language voice of cinema studies abroad.

ISSN: 0015-1386        eISSN: 1533-8630

green加速器下载 – March, June, September, December

Editor: B. Ruby Rich, University of California, Santa Cruz (emerita)



Baldwin's Rendezvous with the Twenty-First Century: green加速器下载
9 Songs
Confessions of a Feminist Porn Watcher
Traditional Theater and the Film in Japan
Scenes of Hurt and Rapture: Céline Sciamma's green加速器下载官网

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Film Quarterly invites you to view a green加速器下载 of its special dossier (Spring 2020) celebrating fifty years of Asian American film, media, and institutions. The dossier co-editor Brian Hu and FQ’s editor B. Ruby Rich moderate a conversation on the landmark anniversary and ongoing legacy. With dossier contributors Lan Duong, Viola Lasmana, Josslyn Luckett, Melissa Phruksachart, and Oliver Wang.

Visit for web-exclusive content, including free access to FQ's "Quorum" essays and "From the Archives" features highlighting newly relevant articles from previous issues.

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